Growing up is hard to do

My little guy is rapidly approaching toddlerhood. (If that’s not a word, it should be).  This week he has graduated to so many new developmental levels. He is already a genius- and I’m not bias- ok maybe a little. He has been pulling himself up on things for a while. However, this week, he decided to start testing his balance. He has stood on his own for a record time of 12 seconds. (Yes I’m counting). This is huge. We will have a toddler before we know it! Tear! He has also figured out doors. They open, they shut, and there is fun stuff behind them. Daddy needs to get on the safety cabinet latches this weekend.

He is also eating “big boy” food. We have been working on transitioning from baby purees to solids. Last night he had an entire meal of solids. Sweet potatoes, butter beans and cooked apples. He loves it.

I love experiencing all these new things with him. However, it is tough to think of how fast he has grown out of the baby stage. Growing up is hard to do. For him, the adventure with the cabinets has cost him a smashed finger. For me, I do’nt get to hold him and rock him to sleep.


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