Review- Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas


In my three short (but very long) years of marriage, I have read several “christian marriage” books as well as participated in several “christian marriage” bible studies. This book far surpasses anything I have put my hands or ears upon.

In this book, Thomas’ premise is “what if God designed marriage to make us holy more than happy.” Can you say wow?!? Through each chapter you understand that you will indeed find happiness in marriage. However, you will only receive this happiness within the covenant of a marriage centered around God.

If we approach marriage as the place where we are to find all of our happiness from one person, we will be greatly disappointed. If we approach marriage as an endeavor that God brought us to in order to make us holy, we will see every blessing and argument completely different.

I cannot say that every time we face a little conflict I immediately think, this is making me holy or that I do not want immediate happiness. As with anything in life, God uses the situation to refine us and bring Him glory. How much more so should it be with marriage since it’s a direct comparison to Christ and the Church.

Whenever someone asks about a great book for married couples, I recommend this book. My husband and I have also given it as a gift for newly engaged or married couples.

To hear more about the book and more from Gary Thomas

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas


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