Review-Fall Television

My husband and I are slightly addicted to television. We have gotten hooked on close to a dozen shows. We were starting to have withdrawals during rerun season…. But alas, they are back.

Last week was the season premier of Parenthood on NBC. If you missed last weeks episode Watch it Here! Seriously, watch it or I’m going to ruin it for you…. As new parents, we need all the help we can get. The characters in this show could be the family next door, or your own family for that matter. I also love that they hit on special needs children in last years 1st season. The characters have real problems and real solutions. I love the writers and I don’t even know them. Also, as a christian, it’s important for us to sometimes filter what we watch. “What you put in is what you get out.” For an adult show that comes on at 10:00, it’s fairly PG. The oldest couple in the show are battling some marriage problems. Last week “Zeek” the husband kept repeating “I see you, I hear you” when he caught himself getting out of hand. He hated it and it was funny, but my husband and I found ourselves wanting to say the same thing a couple times this week. Thanks Parenthood for that bit of marriage counseling. Seriously, if you have not watched it… tonight on NBC 10:00pm.

Tonight…. where are all my Gleeks at? Glee’s season premier airs tonight on Fox. I am a little late on the Gleek wagon, but I confess my addiction. My husband on the other hand, not a fan.  It may be the cheesiest show since The Office, but I love it.

Also this week, NCIS (the original) and CSI, CSI-NY, and CSI-Miami….

Yes, we are TV junkies and we enjoy every minute of it!

I’ll review the season premiers next week.


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