Show me the money…

Our church began a new series last week about finances. They have put so much thought and energies into this study, I know it is going to transform our lives. Want to know how serious they are taking this, every family received a workbook to fill out during the service and has homework!

My husband and I manage our finances fairly well, according to our standards. I have a feeling in this series titled “God’s,” we are going to get a serious wake-up call. What I learned from week one, everything is God’s. The challenge is to find a way to steward everything for God’s purpose and not for our delight–although the two tend to parallel if our hearts are in the right place.

Our pastor quoted Philip Yancey, “I feel pulled in opposite directions over the money issue. Sometimes I want to sell all that I own, join a Christian commune, and live out my days in intentional poverty. At other times, I want to rid myself of guilt and enjoy the fruits of our nation’s prosperity. Mostly, I wish I did not have to think about money at all.”

Have you ever felt that way? I must confess, I have never had the inclination to live in intentional poverty. There’s a song on pop radio I am more inclined to……” I want to be a Billionaire so freakin’ bad, buy all of the things I never had, I’d be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen…. ” I have also battled with guilt over buying something we really didnt HAVE to have and over how RICH we are in comparison to so many people in the world. This issue is so much bigger than me. Maybe we can blame our American culture. Mostly I think we can blame the Fall of man.

I am eager to go through this journey with our church and make some positive, but hard, changes to our life in order for us to spend every dollar and use every possession for God’s purpose.

If you would like to see the first message, check it out here. You can also download the handy dandy workbook. I encourage you to join us as we allow God to transform our hearts and our wallets.


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