Rain, rain go away

As I was looking at my nifty little Weather Channel app, I became elated! The 10 day forecast was finally showing the highs dropping to the 70’s and lows to the 50’s. I have been ready for fall for weeks, mostly because I was tired of looking at my white legs in shorts. I noticed the chance of rain leading up to those temperatures being 50-80%, but we needed the rain. In my excitement, I think I prayed for the rain to fall and bring on the cold temperatures.

God answered my prayers.

I suppose I was not specific enough about the rain portion of my prayer, just the temperature part. Wilmington set a record for daily rainfall for September 27th.

Prior to yesterday’s monsoon, we were listed in a “moderate drought.” Our grass would agree. Upwards of 10 inches of rain fell yesterday in our area on that poor dry ground.

As a coastal town, we are use to tropical rains, but this sucker came out of nowhere. Everything in town flooded. Some of the busiest streets were flooded. In our neighborhood alone, we have 2 retention ponds that flooded the streets and made the main road impassible. Luckily, there is a second street to get in or my husband would have been stranded. Parts of major highways getting out of town were flooded. We have friends that were coming home to and from Southport that had a 2 1/2 hour commute after work!

Here’s some footage from yesterday rain.

Now, the weather dudes are calling for more rain tomorrow! Possible 6 inches. Our pond, which was probably 4 feet lower is now 4 feet higher than normal. We will be breaking out our water wings. OH, there’s more. Did I mention Tropical Depression 16? Yeah, so after tomorrow’s rainfall, we will actually get a tropical system to bring more rain.

One thing I learned, as if I was not sure before, prayer is a powerful thing. I must go now and prepare the ark. If anyone needs a ride, get your requests in. I can only take 2 of every kind….


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