Toddler Bathroom

When we moved into our lovely abode while I was pregnant, we did not make any big changes to most of the bathrooms. Check out this before pic…. (this is from home inspection day—not our decorating choices)

We used some shower coordinates we had for the upstairs bathroom and painted the terribly hideous mirror. We never managed to take a picture of the bathroom, post move-in-pre-toddler, sorry 😦

Now, as our wee one is approaching toddlerhood, we decided to give him a toddler bathroom of his very own. We found this awesome shower curtain and coordinates at Kohl’s.

I painted the room “yellow green.” No really, that’s the color on the little swatch. It should be renamed “slime.” But it’s the color on the chart between plantain and palm…. so they call it yellow green… not very creative for such a crazy color. Anyway, I painted the room. Kilz first, then 2 coats, pretty much by myself in one day. The next day, I cleaned the tube, sink, and floors. Then the fun part…. decorating!

Here’s the outcome. Shower curtain, rug, toothbrush holder, and hand towel all from Kohls. Bath towel from Target. Soap dispenser from Walmart.

We are all very pleased with our Monster Themed bathroom. Jameson likes the monsters. Plus, there are mom friendly messages 🙂


6 thoughts on “Toddler Bathroom

  1. I came across your monster bath, while trying to pick a wall color for our toddler monster bath. IFY: Kohls has this line on sale right now if you need anymore pieces.

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