First Birthday!

We conquered the first birthday party. It was total mayhem… for me at least. I felt like I did nothing and everything all at the same time. Those 2 hours flew. Jameson enjoyed it though. He ended up not taking his afternoon nap. We were seriously worried that he may decide to call it quits in the middle of the party. Turned out he was a ball of energy. At least until everyone decided they needed to hold him, take pictures with him, and kiss all over him. Jameson was not a fan. First, he wanted down so he could play. Second, he was tired. And third, I don’t know what everyone expected?? He is not going to sit still when he’s happy, much less when you want him to smile for a picture…..

Anyway, the party seemed to be a success. I found the cute little theme at a party store.

My stepmom has a lady at her work that makes cakes. She made us this awesome looking and tasting lion cake to match our little theme.

We have a little playset in the backyard the kids played with together. We also had a bag of those ball pit balls we put in the kiddie pool. If nothing else it occupied the little guys for a while.


Then it was time for cake…. heres a before and after shot…

Jameson got a bunch of new toys and clothes. He helped rip paper for the first few presents. Then he moved on. We are so thankful for all his new goodies.

Thanks to all our family and friends that made the day so fun!


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