1 Year….

Today, my little man turned 1!! Such a big milestone yet it still seems surreal. This last year has been full of new things for us. Where do I begin?

We have seen our little man grow and learn and develop in so many ways. First he learned to hold his own bottle, smile, laugh and roll over. Then he was holding his head up like a pro. Next came sitting up and changing positions from floor to sitting and back again… and throw in some rolling every once in a while. He learned to eat from a spoon and hasn’t turned back. He started giving kisses, mostly to his toys, but sometimes me. He started crawling. Then standing and pulling up. Then came walking! He first said “dada.” Then, “ut oh,” “mama,” and “oh boy.” He learned to open cabinets and pull all the tupperware out. He is a pro at peek-a-boo. He waves and claps, sometimes for the opposite command. Say hello and he may clap. Say yay and he may wave… but most of the time he gets it right 🙂 It’s so amazing to think that this teeny 7 pound baby that needed me (and dada) for everything has gained 20 pounds and he thinks 20 years. He’s so independent! We love that he has such a fun personality. I’m certain that he thinks his sole purpose in life is to make us laugh. And if I wasn’t sure about nature vs. nurture before… my child is all boy. He likes dirt, tearing down things and making loud noises.

He has so many favorite things now. He loves books, wrestling his stuffed animals, music and dancing, playing copycat, swinging, and anything outside.

I still gag at the thought (which makes me remember the smell) of those nasty,  newborn, yellow diapers. gag. But “big boy” diapers have to be worse! I remember when he would actually let me hold him and rock him anytime I wanted. We survived RSV, stomach viruses, and a few big bumps on the head.

This year has flown. Yes, it seems like forever ago since we had a newborn. At the same time, it feels like all of these changes happened overnight. Makes me sad to remember all the good times (and bad) and how quickly they have passed. Some days I long for the day that he is potty trained and is talking. But mostly I want time to slow down!


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