Day 4- Modern Medicine

My little guy went to his 12 month appointment today. 12 month appointment=shots! He was not a happy camper. I take that back. He was happy until the vaccines. His pediatrician is fabulous. Every pediatrician at this practice is fabulous. One of the doctors, Dr. Hill, writes for a number of publications. I like keeping up with what he’s doing. It gives me faith in the doctors that take care of my child. We have seen Dr. Hill twice and loved him.

Anyway…. the vaccine debate. I am a mom. So, yes, I am worried about what goes in my child’s body. However, I am not a doctor. The doctors believe and have tested that vaccines, more likely than not, do not cause harm to children. Their benefits outweigh the risk. We vaccinate our child to protect him from death. We do not withhold vaccines from our child for the fear of a disorder. Our conclusion, we would rather have our son alive (even if it meant with a disorder… we dont think vaccines cause autism), than not have our son because we chose to keep him away from vaccines. If he died from our choice, we could not live with ourselves.

Our pediatrician said to me at one visit… “We go into pediatrics because we love kids and want to see them healthy and happy. Why anyone would believe otherwise, I dont understand. If we thought vaccines harm children, we certainly would not administer them.” That makes perfect sense to me.

One day, we may find what triggers autism in children. What we do know now is that we have vaccines for preventable diseases. Diseases that once killed people. I can only trust our doctors.

I thank God for these doctors, for people that go into medicine to help treat and cure people, for vaccines that prevent us from untimely death. Modern medicine has provided so many cures and they are continually working on more. There are so many things that medicine has provided to give us all a better standard of living… especially compared to third world countries. We should all be so grateful.

Today and every day, I am thankful for a God of healing that has provided us with medicine and wonderful doctors!


One thought on “Day 4- Modern Medicine

  1. What a great blog! John goes for shots Monday so you just helped to reinforce why we made the decision to get them!

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