Day 8- History

My family, particularly both sides of my dad’s family are very close. These families also research the history and genealogy. I think it’s important to understand your roots and legacy.

My dad’s parents were from a really small town about 45 minutes away from us. Today, the state dedicated a bridge in the town to my great grandfather, Ivey Salmon. I learned a lot yesterday that I never knew about my family. My grandma’s family lived on a farm. From the way I understand it now, the roads were bad back in the 20’s and 30’s. There was a creek nearby they would cross with horse and buggy. No other vehicles could cross because the bridge was not sturdy enough. But, to go the other way with a car was a ways out of the way into town. The mailman and school buses were also inconvenienced. So, Ivey went to Raleigh and petitioned for the state to build a bride over the creek. They started building the bridge 2 weeks later. And now probably 70 years later, they dedicated the bridge to him.

It’s pretty cool. It makes you think of all these other little places that are dedicated to people. What’s their story?

I am thankful to know some of the history of my family, the legacy they leave, and the types of hardworking, God fearing people that helped me become who I am…. from raising my grandparents, who raised my parents, who raised me.


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