Day 10- Poop

Do you struggle with vanity? Do you ache for people to think you are attractive? Do you try to keep up with the cover of magazines on the rack? Do you desperately want everyone’s approval? Do you care about appearances? Do you judge others by their appearance, behavior, circumstances?…. I have the answer… well, an answer…. HAVE A KID.

I’m serious. But only have a kid if you are married….let me not lead anyone astray on that one. Being a woman is tough. The competition our culture breeds between women and the approval women seek from men will sabotage anyone. Having a kid will change all of that.

My mom’s small group is studying Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas. I have mentioned him before, but I honestly do love this author. This weeks chapter is titled “The Glory Behind the Grime.” It begins with a quote from Rachel Husk, “With the baby’s birth, a lifetime of vanity vanished into thin air.” HOW TRUE.  As much as magazines or television may appeal to younger women having babies and how glamorous it could be, having a kid is less than glamorous. Kids are nasty and stinky and unpredictable. They poop when you don’t want them to, they puke at less than desirable times, they scream in public. One awesome biblical relation the author makes in the book is that Jesus came as a child. He pooped in his “cloth” diaper, he drooled all over Mary as she held him, he probably did his share of puking too. God. He came in the form of a baby. Talk about humbling.

There is no possible way to be a mom and be “glamorous” unless you have a nanny, a maid, a personal trainer, and a stylist for your entire family. Not happening. Life isn’t about that. It’s about the relationships. It’s about the lessons. It’s about glorifying God.

One great quote from the book, ” Parenting in particular, wakes us up from our self indulgence and invites us to get involved in something bigger than adventure and even greater than glamour– the shaping of a human life and the destiny of an eternal soul.”

Being a mom has taught me a lot. It’s only been a year. Probably one of the biggest lessons is this…. that little pooper has made me humble. I’m so blessed that we have him. I know that life is now unpredictable. I dont wear jewelry because it will get snatched off. I usually dont have time to fix my hair. I hardly ever wear heels if the kid is around. I’m probably going to have some “gift” on my shirt-whether it be drool, snot or half chewed goldfish. It really doesnt matter. My mission each day is to teach and nurture my child (and do some things around the house). My mission is not to impress anyone else around me.

I am thankful for poopy diapers, drool, spit up, and all the grime that comes with that little blessing. I am thankful he teaches me new lessons every day.


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