Day 9- Coupons!

When I was younger and had no obvious concept of money, I thought coupons were a waste of time. My grandma had a wallet full of coupons.  If I went to the store with her, I remember waiting for her to sort through all of those coupons to give the cashier. As a kid, the time felt like foreverrrrrrrrrr. I never actually saw her clip coupons. It was as if they magically appeared in her wallet. Or that she had this endless supply that never dwindled. She passed away ten years ago. I think she would go crazy with the access to coupons now.

I always told myself I would NEVER take the time to clip coupons… Was it really worth it? Did I want to make all those people wait behind me in the checkout line while I dug through my coupons? I thought people that used coupons were just cheap.

Call me cheap…. I am starting to like this coupon thing. Now that I dont actually get paid to work, I started rationalizing a reason to coupon. I can “make” money by saving us money. There is definitely an art to couponing. I have been trying to perfect my art through a couple different sites. I really like Southern Savers. The lady that blogs here is very thorough. She puts a lot of time into making this resource available. I’m so glad she does. She has saved us a bunch of mula.

I also, now in my mature state, see the positives of couponing. If these resources are available, why not use them? It seems foolish not to. If you saved just $5 a week for 52 weeks a year on stuff you would typically buy, thats $260.  I can guarantee you will save more than that if you put in a little effort. It also allows you to splurge more on some things without feeling guilty.

I am thankful for coupons. Yes, I said it. I love coupons.



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