Day 13- Seasons

Saturday, we were able to enjoy some time outside. I love fall for many, many reasons. The colors are intense. My little sweet guy was born in the fall. My husband and I were married in the fall. And thanksgiving……. oh I love some good food 🙂

Seasons amaze me. God’s design is so perfect. Man would have never thought of seasons. No way. We are too all or nothing type creatures. I love that although everything is dieing off, God brings to life their greatest colors. It’s as if they get one last hoorah before they die. Then there is winter. Everything gets to rest. Well, except for humans. Seems we are busiest in winter with the holiday season. Nature though, gets to rest. Then, spring brings forth new life. The drab browns and grays of winter become bright greens and pinks. Finally we get to that bright hot summer where everything reaches it’s full growth potentail. Then we are back at fall. When you step back and think about the design of seasons, how can you not be in awe? It’s amazing how nature can reflect humans.

If humans designed seasons, whoever was in charge of picking the season would spoil it. What if he picked summer. We would all be lobsters or bacon with 365 days of summer. Too much of a good thing is never good at all. I think about human nature. If anyone is stagnant in their relationships, worklife, or personal growth, he will always stay the same. Humans were created to grow, change, and transform constantly. We go through seasons in our lives. Some face long hard winters of struggles. Some have summers so hot they cannot handle when winter comes around.

Today, I am thankful for seasons and changes in nature and human life because I never want to stay in the same place too long.


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