Day 14- Projects

I tend to think of myself as slightly on the artsy side. I like art related projects. I will be the first to admit, I am not stellar at everything of the arts. Maybe more of a jack of all trades, master of none. But I still love to dabble in hobbies, crafts and projects. My latest venture is photography. I have always loved it. My husband bought be a SLR camera for my birthday a couple years ago. I had full intentions of getting out and mastering this thing called photography. Then life happens. You get busy and don’t make time for things that interest you…. oh wait, then you have a kid. As of late, I have decided to take the minute gift of photography I have to bless others. I have friends that are photographers by trade. I do not want their job. For one, I don’t need a career. Jameson keeps my time full enough. Two, I do not want the pressure of perfection. I want to enjoy what I am dabbling with and bless others in the process.

I am thankful God has allowed our routine to be somewhat normal and predictable in order for me to make time to do things I appreciate.

Here’s a look at one of my favorites from the time I spent on Saturday with my brother, sister-in-law, and Barney (my dogphew)


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