Day 15- Toilet Paper

There is no greater invention since toilet paper. Try going without it, especially if you are female. I highly value my iphone, but if I was stranded and in dire need of toilet paper, I would give it to you. It’s that serious.

My grandma told me stories about having to use an outhouse as a child. They would use the pages of the Sears-Robuck catalog or the shucks off corn as toilet paper. Now if I was at home with no TP, I may use my Ikea catalog, but that’s why I keep TP on hand at all times.

I went to Mexico on a mission trip during college. They do not have toilet paper in public restrooms. You can buy it by the square or something crazy. Now, I do not know how to use a square of toilet paper…. Not sure I want to try. That would be a lucrative business in the US if they made you pay by the square here. “Hey, what do you do?” “I sell toilet paper at the 7Eleven.” “Dude, no wonder you are loaded.”

My stepmom was making her grocery list for the week. She asked my youngest brother if he wanted anything. Of course Oreos and cereal are always high on his list. Then he asked her, “Will you get good toilet paper…. not that gas station toilet paper.” In all seriousness he asked this. He’s a funny guy, but he was not kidding. We all know the difference between gas station toilet paper and Charmin. It’s that important.

I think it’s rude to put gas station toilet paper in guest bathrooms too. You invite people over and make them use that stuff. Then they come back and sit at your table. Not high on the awesome hostess list after that one……

For the sake of everyone, even 14 year old boys that you dont think pay attention and the people coming to eat at your house for thanksgiving…. buy decent toilet paper. Cut a coupon and stock up!

Today, and every day….. I am thankful toilet paper…. and not just any toilet paper (but, you use what you have if you cannot control the situation)….. Charmin, Cottenelle, Quilted Northern…. ahhhh!


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