Day 17- Small Group

Our church facilitates a small group ministry rather than Sunday school. After growing up in a southern baptist church, I highly prefer small groups. Not only do they offer small groups for adults, the children’s ministry starts them in kindergarten. I cannot tell you in words how amazing the children’s ministry is at our church. After volunteering with second and third grade girls, I’m almost jealous of the type of environment they have to learn about God and the bible. I use to try to play sick to get out of church as a kid. The girls I led in small groups would tell me about how they told their parents to take them to church. Amazing!

After we started getting more involved at our church, we started in a couple small group. That was two or three years ago. Those couple in that group (although we had to split because we got too big and people had conflicts–aka kids) are some of our best friends in town. If we ever needed anything, we would call one of them. It was nice for us to find a group of friends and other couples that knew us as a married couple. My friends before marriage saw me plus my husband, and vice versa…. they didnt know US. We learned, grew, and developed lasting friendships.

Right now, I am in a mommy’s small group and my husband is in an all guys group. Our commitment levels are different because of kids and my husband has band rehearsal some conflicting nights. But we still have a unit to go to for prayer and fellowship…. if nothing else to ask questions about being a mom or a guy.

I am thankful for my small group friends I have made along the way. I thank God for their friendships and for bringing our lives together.

How can you not love these faces?


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