Day 18-30–my best friend

OK, so I am a slacker. Why on earth did I try to commit to having a moment to sit and type every day for a month. Much less in a month with holidays? That was a little over zealous of me. Well, to make up for my slacking, I am dedicating days 18-30 for my husband 🙂 I probably would have inititally done separate entries, but now that I think about it, he is THAT important.

Our anniversary was the 24th.  I dont want to get all sappy on everyone reading this, I am so extremely thankful for my husband. He is my best friend. He is everything I never knew I always wanted. (barf, I know 😀 )

Day 18- I am thankful that my husband loves me

Day 19- I am thankful that he eats my cooking, and likes it

Day 20- I am thankful he makes me laugh

Day 21- I am thankful he is humble, sincere and geniune

Day 22- I am thankful he is predictable 🙂

Day 23- I am thankful he provides for our family (He and God pay the bills around here)

Day 24- I am thankful he puts up with me

Day 25- I am thankful he lets me be goofy and sing in the car

Day 26- I am thankful my family loves him

Day 27- I am thankful he thinks I am pretty

Day 28- I am thankful he is an amazing, loving, sweet, caring, and fun dad to our little boy

Day 29- I am thankful he loves me with only the love that comes from God, a love that sustains anything that is thrown at us.

Day 30- I am thankful he has a relationship with God that strengthens him as a man, husband and father.


Everyday, I am thankful for my husband– the most amazing man I will ever know.