As if the holidays weren’t stressful enough

Who says lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice?
How about three times! If I believed in luck, I’d be trying
to pick up pennies face up lately. A few weeks before Thanksgiving,
a Wednesday, my husband left the house around 6:00 to go eat dinner
with some guy friends. He had been gone fifteen minutes or so when
he called. “I got in a wreck.” “A WHAT?” “A wreck.” Yeah, I heard
you, but what? Strike One. Let me set the scene for you. There is a
blinking red light/caution light intersection down the road leading
to our neighborhood. My husband was on the main road/caution light
side. The bozo that was waiting at the blinking red light decided
to pull into the lane my husband was traveling moments before my
husband got to the intersection. Moments, as in, not enough for my
husband to stop or completely avoid the bozo. The bozo tells the
officer, who arrived 45 minutes later, that he did not see my
husband approaching. Again, it’s 6:00, dark, and there are
headlights coming at you. If you cannot see bright lights at night,
please do not drive. Anyway, my husband’s truck was not drivable so
we had to get it towed home. The next day, the truck was towed to a
body shop. So, $4700 worth of damage….. it was going to be a few
weeks before we got that car back. We were taking the rental
everywhere rather than beating up our car driving around holiday
shopping after thanksgiving. One Saturday we decided to take our
car to the store and not move the car seat over. It was going to be
a quick trip. We were leaving a shopping center when moron #2
backed out of her parking spot into our car. Strike Two. We were
waiting to pull onto the main drive in the parking lot, about the
third car in line. So this lady backs out of her parking space on
the left side– right into our driver’s door. My husband honked,
but she apparently didn’t plan to stop until she heard metal
crunch. All I could see from the passenger side was a car coming at
my husband. To make matters worse, she was driving a RX8. A little
sports car. She had PLENTY of room to back out…. if she could
drive. So there we are in a busy parking lot with another wrecked
car, this time with our kiddo. My husband tells the lady he’s going
to call the police to file a report and she tells him she’s in a
hurry, she has somewhere to be. A HURRY? Glad she didn’t say that
to me. I might have lost it. If she had not been in a hurry, we
would all be moving along with our day. The cops came pretty quick
this time. Lucky for her. I would hate that she missed the fire she
was headed to. That was Saturday. The insurance company set me up
to meet an adjuster on Wednesday. We, me and the kiddo, go to
the appointment. All the while, I’m chasing the kid because he
won’t sit still. The damage? The entire drivers door needs to
be replaced and lots of paint. We left to meet my husband for
lunch. I was going to get him the paperwork (since he’s the expert
now) and let him handle the insurance companies and setting up the
bodyshop…. where his truck is still residing. We ate lunch and my
husband went back to work. Then, I picked up my sister who is home
from college for the holidays. We were going to run a few errands.
We were sitting at a fairly busy stoplight. I was the second car at
the stoplight. We got rear-ended. Strike Three. You may be laughing
right now. You may think this is a joke. It’s not. We were in the
straight/right turn lane… at a red light. The lane next to us was
the left turn lane. The left turn lane got the green light. Ours
was still red. Repeat: ours was still red. I was the second car at
the light. The first car pulled into the intersection. The left
turn lane across the intersection also had a green light. So here
they are sitting in the middle of an intersection. I took my foot
off the brake for a second, then put it back on. I was thinking,
this bozo is going to need to back up and get his spot back. But,
no, they went through the intersection. Meanwhile, the car two cars
behind me decided to also go. Bam, bam, bam. Now we have an
accident. I blame the guy that ran the red light, but the lady that
hit us said she wasn’t really feeling well and her reaction time
was slow. She goes to our church, I believe her. You should have
seen her car though…. ouch. I have a civic with a crunched
drivers door, but my bumper only had a tiny bump. The SUV behind me
had damage front and back, but not too bad. The lady that caused
the wreck… again, ouch. She had a SUV also. No joke, she
had to pick up her bumper, well the pieces her front bumper was in,
and throw in her trunk just to drive away. Not to mention, it was
smoking and either lost its power steering fluid or had a serious
axle banged up. We all pulled off the road. Again, waiting for the
cops. I called my husband. I was pretty confident that my husband
was going to lose it at the point. I looked at my sister and
laughed. This was really happening to me. There had to be a black
cloud above us…. somewhere. I finally got in touch with my
husband. “We just got rear-ended.” “WHAT?” “Yes, I’m not kidding
and we are fine.” Friday, I went back to the same place to see the
adjuster. Everyone we told about this told us to stay off the road,
including the adjuster. Seriously. Who gets in three accidents,
that aren’t your fault, within weeks of each other? We do. Bingo!
We got my husband’s truck back before Christmas. We had to wait
until the Monday after Christmas to take my car. We should get it
back tomorrow. We are hoping the black cloud stayed in 2010.
Actually, we are praying that black cloud away. If anyone ever
tells you lightening doesn’t strike the same place more than
once… go ahead, call them a liar. Everyone…. Have a SAFE
and blessed new year.


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