Do the Math!

I am not a math geek. I hate math. I was good enough at it
to make good grades in school, but I hate math. More than the
dentist-and I hate the dentist. More than riding in the back seat
of a 15 passenger bus-and I really hate that. More than anything. I
don’t use hate lightly either. Math and I are not friends.
However, I appreciate math. I appreciate it’s balance. It doesn’t
leave a lot of room for error. It’s factual and real. That I can
appreciate. My small group is doing a mini-video study of Beth
Moore’s “Measureless Love” series. I loved the truth in what
she shared. There were some serious points that I haven’t stopped
thinking about all day. I also love apologetics and proving my God
is who He says He is. She said something during her talk that was
really thought provoking. “It takes more faith to believe in
evolution than in creation.” So I got on google to do a little
research for myself. Statistically speaking, evolution is bogus.
Don’t believe me? Look around for yourself. You don’t even have to
read the Bible to find that out. Maybe you are a skeptic. You
don’t believe there is a God, you don’t believe in Jesus, you don’t
believe the Bible. Ok… stay with me. Let’s think about the
size of the universe. The farthest place our technology has found
and photographed in the entire universe is something like 150
million-millions of light years away. There are like 800 billion
galaxies in the universe. So here is the one in 800 billion
galaxies-the milky way galaxy-with one planet in that galaxy that
sustains life. IF God created the heavens and the earth….He
placed earth precisely where it is, in precisely the right way as
to sustain life. Within these 800 billion galaxies, earth in
located in the ONLY location to support life. IF you believe
in evolution, HOW could all of this be coincidence? The precise
place with the precise climate located the right distance from the
right sun to provide the perfect climate. Then come on down to
earth. The atmosphere, gases, and ozone. The water and land. What
about humans themselves. Think about how many intricate systems
compose our bodies to make them function….. my brain is going to
explode! Seriously, my brain can’t handle the “bigness” of God and
smallness of us. Probably goes back to me and math not being
friends. I’m going to break it down to my level. Have you
seen or read “Horton Hears a Who?” I think of Horton’s speck. There
is Horton in the huge world and he finds this teeny “speck” that
falls on a flower. The “speck” is home to an entire world of Whos.
This size ratio I can handle. The Whos have no knowledge that
they are even a speck in this huge world, but when their speck is
taken out of it’s perfect spot in the universe, things start to
become chaotic. This is starting to get profound. Needless to say,
you can learn a lot from Dr. Seuss! In the talk, Beth Moore gives a
lot of other mathmatical statistics concerning the size and
capacity of God to create the Heavens and Earth. It’s fascinating.
Our God is so detailed. He knows the numbers of stars in the sky
and the number of hairs on our heads. This same God knew you and me
before we were born. He knows why we are here on this “speck.” I am
looking forward to the next two sessions of these “Measureless
Love” DVDs. I love when my faith makes sense. It wouldn’t
have to make sense for me to believe, but I love when God reveals
such amazing concepts of Himself. I don’t want to steal Beth
Moore’s entire talk on “Measureless Love.” I encourage you to get
your hands on these DVD’s. I’ll try to post more next week about
how our meticulous and precise God says we cannot begin to measure
His love for us!


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