A new post…. why not

I’m taking advantage of the rest of nap time to release some thoughts your way…..

A fellow blogger friend (check Britt out here) has posted some of her lessons from motherhood. I believe I have posted some previously, or at least some products I love and why. I’m at a different place in motherhood now and the lessons continue to arise, daily. I decided to share some of those with you.

My kid… he’s pure crazy. I guess he gets it honest. From his dad of course, who were you thinking? Well, this crazy child has taught me, as if there were any doubt, that we are born sinners. Before he uttered a word he bit me. Just recently he has found it amusing to do things he’s not supposed to just so I will say “NO.” I finally decided that every time he climbs on to the arm of the couch and run from side to side hoping to fall and do it again, I’m just going to let him. If I tell him “NO” he does it anyway. If I let him, he seems to lose interest sooner. I’ve also implemented this technique with his new hobby… hitting. He walks by and hits the chair, hits my leg, hits the wall, whatever. I think he started doing it continuously when I told him “NO.” Now I’m ignoring him. Hit me in the leg buddy, I don’t feel a thing. Then he doesn’t do it again. I hope the “ignoring bad behavior” technique doesn’t come back to bite me…. I also hope the kid doesn’t bite me again. My conclusion is that he does things for attention. If he doesn’t get attention, he gives up. We did not teach him to bite or hit, and he’s not around other kids that do it. We haven’t taught him to be defiant. He, like the rest of us, are little sinners.

Can’t you just see the mischief in that face?

Another lesson from the little guy… Music is our first language. Before he started biting, he started dancing. He stops everything he is doing when certain songs come on the radio. Yes, we listen to our music around him. I can’t handle the toddler songs with adults singing them (weird), and he has shown little interest in it either. It started with bobbing his head, then it progressed to bouncing in place before he could crawl. Now he stands, spins, stomps his feet, claps his hands and “snaps” his fingers (ok, so it doesn’t make a noise, but he rubs his index finger and thumb together). Before he was mobile, he was interested in objects making noise. He played with an egg shaker before we got him a toddler percussion set. I’m fairly certain that most kids are similar. Maybe they don’t take as much interest, but most dance before they talk. I also believe it’s a testament to God. How he calls us to sing praises and worship…. He created us this way. You may be like me and can’t sing a lick, but when you are in your car, you might as well be Mariah. We all love it, whether we are planning to audition for American Idol or not.

My last lesson for today…. I wouldn’t trade anything I had before the kid for what I have now. When you are in the day-dream land of wanting to have kids one day, you see all the sweet, happy times. Yes, they are amazing and prominent. No one tells you the ugly side. They don’t even tell you that you will inevitably go to the store in your ugly side. I don’t go anywhere without makeup. But when you have a kid and you have 30 minutes to go to the store and back before he has to eat again, you will go with hair you havent washed since yesterday, no makeup, forgot to brush your teeth,and hopefully you remembered your bra. Ok, so not all of those have happened to me at once, but they have at one point or another. You will, also, lose your body. I have been fortunate to lose my baby weight and then some, but some people never do. Although I have, my body is inches wider than it was. A friend told me your rib cage widened. I thought she was kidding. It’s true. We all assume our hips widen, but ladies, there’s a good chance they wont return. My kid wanted to stay in the pool longer so they had to force him to evacuate. Now I have a 6″ scar that no bikini bottom will cover (except for those grandma ones that come up to your belly button anyway). Praise God for tankinis 🙂 Did I mention that a portion of my stomach is still numb. A constant reminder that I was sliced in half. I know, that I am blessed and fortunate to be able to have a child. Some people can’t and I don’t want to say this to make you think I take it for granted. I DO NOT. I do think there needs to be a bigger warning sign. Maybe it’s just the female in us. We have all these lofty, romantic feelings toward meeting Mr. Right also. It never happens as we dream it will. Then you get married. That sure as heck isn’t a fairytale. But at the end of the day you wouldn’t change a thing. I suppose that would be the same as having a kid. The reward is far greater than the sacrifices.

Perfect timing, the crib rail is shaking so hard it sounds like a herd of buffalo coming through the walls…..