In a nutshell

These last two weeks have been nuts. Ok, maybe its three. I am completely losing track of time.

First, we decide to move the little guy into a toddler bed. He was becoming a hazard to himself in the crib. We live very close to the beach, so I’m hoping this transition will make it easier for him to nap under the umbrella so we can enjoy full beach days this year. We also plan to take the paci away at bedtime and possibly start potty-training, if he’s ready in a few months (planning and possibly being the key words). That being said, we thought it was the right time. Week 1 was fairly easy…. for about 2 days. Then nap times were a nightmare for a week straight. No nap for a solid week makes momma and baby NUTS! In the midst of the crazy bad week, wonderful husband/father was gone. Finally, midweek of week 2, he fell asleep in nothing but a diaper at his bedroom door. Glorious silence! From there it has been pretty wonderful despite the occasional having to go upstairs and put him back in bed because he gets up and falls back asleep on the floor. We can now say by 18 months (which is coming up on Tuesday) the kiddo is toddler bed functional 🙂

During wild week two, I came across this wonderful opportunity for Hopscout. Most of you have probably heard from me about this already and voted I’m sure 😉 They are offering 5 editor positions to wonderfully deserving stay-at-home parents. I of course applied– being the reason I have stalked you all recently! The 2 evenings hubby was home on week 2, we got to work on the video. I chose to do something simple, classic, and just peek into our lives. As this was being posted on facebook, I chose not to bring everyone into my entire home. I also didn’t want to rattle off a list of how awesome I am or all the criteria of a good stay-at-home parent. I feel that anyone that stays at home with their kids have to possess these qualities. What I would be interested in would be why you are different. I stuck with a simple little script, with a line or two of mommy humor, and a sweet video of my kiddo. I’m not sure how we got it done so quickly. I really wanted to get my application in as soon as possible to acquire votes over the course of the next week. They also say “the early bird catches the worm.” This is one worm I REALLY would like to catch.

Let me not forget to mention that week 1 and week 2 brought the kiddo with a tummy bug of some sort and tooth #16.

Week 3 has been a whirlwind. I have been engrossed in the fierce competition going on over at Hopscout‘s facebook page. I’ve met-for lack of a better word- some really great moms and bloggers. If nothing else, I hope this competition opened some doors for new friends and new resources. I think we could all use all the help we can get.

Meanwhile, I have been soliciting votes from friends and family (you included, but click here if you have avoided me up to this point). These moms and dads have made some great videos. Loads of people have uploaded them showing their own style. There are also a lot of them that did what I didnt want to do…. list off what I think is the standard of a stay at home mom (patient, inventive, multitasking, etc). I also understood the position to be more than a toy reviewer, but to actually write about products and life. So, I didn’t focus on the toy aspect–to each his own. Something else, while I’m almost venting, a lot of people did slideshows. I understand that’s a video when you put it in video format. I’m also pretty sure they said video. I rock out some slideshows, but they didn’s ask for pictures. Some of the slideshows were great, I’ll give them that though. Ok, done. I have seriously put a lot of time and effort into this contest this week. I’m exhausted and anxious. There have been rumors of excessive cheating. They have had technical problems with the site causing the contest to run over the weekend. On top of everything else I have to get done in a week with a grumpy teething toddler. Many of the moms that have stayed in the competition throughout have decided to give it a rest since the extension. I agree. I’m also glad Kristin from Our Ordinary Life pulled the first move on that. It made it easier for the rest of us to say that it was alright to relax. So thank you Kristin. (side note–check out her blog at the link above)

If you have known me for any length of time, you know how much I put into parenting my child. You also know that I consider writing to be my gift. Putting the two into action together is a dream come true. While I’m still slowly doing foundational work for my book, the opportunity is something that a lot of stay at home parents would love. I suppose that is the reason the competition has gone crazy and left us all feeling a little nuts.

I apologize for being absent from posting on this blog as of late. I’m sure you knew I was still alive from hounding you for votes 🙂

For the rest of our weekend, our family is running in separate circles for Easter festivities. The husband is playing in the band at church for all 6 Easter services (2 tonight and 4 tomorrow). His family is in town tonight. We have an Easter egg hunt tomorrow at my parents church. Going to visit more family. Then hopefully finishing my flower garden tomorrow afternoon. That last one depends on my level of exhaustion. I will probably come back up for air on Monday hoping that I’m still hanging around in the top of the Hopscout contest.

That’s my last three weeks…. in a nutshell.

Everyone have a fabulous Easter with your families! It’s a beautiful and hot weekend here. If only I had time to get some sun on my legs before I bust out in a dress tomorrow 🙂

Happy Egg Hunting!!


Millionaire Mom!

The folks over at HopScout, formerly Lilluxe (a daily deal site featuring children’s items) are hiring!

And yours truly is applying…. and I’m going to need your help! When my videographer (uh huhm husband) gets a free evening/day we are going to upload the video to begin the process. What I will need from you? When I upload the video onto their facebook site, I will let you know. Go to the page and like Lilluxe (HopScout). Then, go to the Millionaire Mom tab on the left. Find my video under my name. “Like” the video. Then, share the link on my facebook page or twitter with your friends. Help me get this gig!

If you read my blog now, you know I have my humorous moments, and I try to keep this mom journey “real.” They are hiring someone to review products for them and blog about parenting. My little inspiration (aka Jameson) gives me plenty of blogging topics.  He will also be a fabulous tester of products (aka I will find out within 5 minutes if it’s breakable).

I hope you will help me help you. Not only will I score an awesome gig, but you will be the first to know what is going on with these products and company.

I can’t wait to work on my video….. Stay tuned friends.