Millionaire Mom!

The folks over at HopScout, formerly Lilluxe (a daily deal site featuring children’s items) are hiring!

And yours truly is applying…. and I’m going to need your help! When my videographer (uh huhm husband) gets a free evening/day we are going to upload the video to begin the process. What I will need from you? When I upload the video onto their facebook site, I will let you know. Go to the page and like Lilluxe (HopScout). Then, go to the Millionaire Mom tab on the left. Find my video under my name. “Like” the video. Then, share the link on my facebook page or twitter with your friends. Help me get this gig!

If you read my blog now, you know I have my humorous moments, and I try to keep this mom journey “real.” They are hiring someone to review products for them and blog about parenting. My little inspiration (aka Jameson) gives me plenty of blogging topics.  He will also be a fabulous tester of products (aka I will find out within 5 minutes if it’s breakable).

I hope you will help me help you. Not only will I score an awesome gig, but you will be the first to know what is going on with these products and company.

I can’t wait to work on my video….. Stay tuned friends.


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