Couponing: A trip to Harris Teeter during Triples week

I have gotten fairly addicted to this couponing thing. I refuse to become an extreme couponer with stashes of unnecessary items in all my closets. If you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m talking about. Some of these extreme couponers have enough toilet paper to last until Jesus returns…. and they keep buying more! Personally, I think it’s wasteful and hoarding. This couponing trend has made people gluttons for a good deal. What bothers me the most is when the store runs out of items because of the extreme couponers. I just wanted one package of toilet paper to use with my one coupon. Oh, but that crazy binder lady has racked them up while she has an entire closet full at home. Although you are getting a great deal, hoarding is not good stewardship or community. It also causes people like me to sin when I have to look at the shelf you just emptied and your binder in the store. Yes, I’m not thinking good thoughts. You’re probably one of the people stealing papers to get the coupons too.

Couponing bitterness aside, I am so glad I am finally getting the hang of this business.

If you have not started couponing or you don’t think you have the time, I strongly encourage you to look into it. You will be amazed at how much you save and the great things you get. My hold up in couponing was that I thought I was being cheap. Cheap people bother me. You can’t take it with you when you go. I have a new definition of cheap…..stingy. Couponing doesnt make you cheap. Using coupons and saving money on name brand products makes you smart. You have two options if you want to save money…. (1) Buy all store brand products or shop at Family Dollar for everything or (2) Buy name brand products for less than the store brand costs by doing a little homework and using a pair of scissors. I say go with option 2!

Here’s a wrap-up of my trip to Harris Teeter during Triples week this morning:

Original Coupon, multiplied savings/Tripled—Product and Retail Price, Cost after Vic Savings, Final cost after all savings

.55, 1.10—muellers’ pasta $1.95, vic savings $1.25, Final after coupons: $0.35

.55, 1.10—Motts juice $3.29, vic $2.99, Final: $1.34

.50, 1—Dawn (small bottle) $1.69, evic $1.16, Final: +$0.34 (yeah they paid me)

.75, 1.5 —Dawn plus $3.49, evic $2.74, Final: $0.49

.50, 1—Betty Crocker instant potato(2) $1.89, vic, $1.25, Final: $0.50 (each)

.50, 1—Popsecret(2) $3.19, vicBOGO, Final: $.85 (each)

.55, .7—Mahatma rice 48oz $3.89, vic $2.99, Final: $1.74

.75, 1.5—Green Giant steamers(2) $2.79, vicBOGO, Final: $0.27 (each)

.50, 1—Chex Mix $3.99, Final: $2.49

.75, 1.5—Ragu(2) $2.79, vic $2.54, Final: $1.17 (each)

.40, .8—Pillsbury crescent(2) $2.19, vic $2, Final $1.40 (each)

.75, 1.5—Rhodes dinner rolls $2.39, Final: $0.14

.60, 1.2—Green Giant frozen veggie (3) $2.00, vic $1.25, Final: $0.65 (each)

.50, 1—Pillsburu pancake(2) $2.35, vic $2.00, Final: $1.25 (each)

.50, 1—Reynolds foil $4.99, Final: $3.49

.30, .6—Pillsbury cinnamon rolls(2) $2.19, vic $2.00, Final: $1.55 (each)

.75, 1.5—Pillsbury Choc Chip cookie(2) $2.99, vic $2.50, Final: $1.38 (each)

.30, .6—Pillsbury Grands Biscuit(2) $1.99, vic $ $1.67, Final: $1.22 (each)

.40, .8—Campells soup (3) $2, vic $1, Final: $0.60

.75, 1.5—LandOLakes Cinnamon Butter $2.45, Final: $0.20

For all of that…. I paid $49.00 including tax. I saved $ 58.25 in coupons through triples plus $23.95 in Vic savings.

Notice everything I got is edible or useful and WAY below retail price. Seriously…. what are you waiting for??


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