Day 18-30–my best friend

OK, so I am a slacker. Why on earth did I try to commit to having a moment to sit and type every day for a month. Much less in a month with holidays? That was a little over zealous of me. Well, to make up for my slacking, I am dedicating days 18-30 for my husband 🙂 I probably would have inititally done separate entries, but now that I think about it, he is THAT important.

Our anniversary was the 24th.  I dont want to get all sappy on everyone reading this, I am so extremely thankful for my husband. He is my best friend. He is everything I never knew I always wanted. (barf, I know 😀 )

Day 18- I am thankful that my husband loves me

Day 19- I am thankful that he eats my cooking, and likes it

Day 20- I am thankful he makes me laugh

Day 21- I am thankful he is humble, sincere and geniune

Day 22- I am thankful he is predictable 🙂

Day 23- I am thankful he provides for our family (He and God pay the bills around here)

Day 24- I am thankful he puts up with me

Day 25- I am thankful he lets me be goofy and sing in the car

Day 26- I am thankful my family loves him

Day 27- I am thankful he thinks I am pretty

Day 28- I am thankful he is an amazing, loving, sweet, caring, and fun dad to our little boy

Day 29- I am thankful he loves me with only the love that comes from God, a love that sustains anything that is thrown at us.

Day 30- I am thankful he has a relationship with God that strengthens him as a man, husband and father.


Everyday, I am thankful for my husband– the most amazing man I will ever know.


Day 17- Small Group

Our church facilitates a small group ministry rather than Sunday school. After growing up in a southern baptist church, I highly prefer small groups. Not only do they offer small groups for adults, the children’s ministry starts them in kindergarten. I cannot tell you in words how amazing the children’s ministry is at our church. After volunteering with second and third grade girls, I’m almost jealous of the type of environment they have to learn about God and the bible. I use to try to play sick to get out of church as a kid. The girls I led in small groups would tell me about how they told their parents to take them to church. Amazing!

After we started getting more involved at our church, we started in a couple small group. That was two or three years ago. Those couple in that group (although we had to split because we got too big and people had conflicts–aka kids) are some of our best friends in town. If we ever needed anything, we would call one of them. It was nice for us to find a group of friends and other couples that knew us as a married couple. My friends before marriage saw me plus my husband, and vice versa…. they didnt know US. We learned, grew, and developed lasting friendships.

Right now, I am in a mommy’s small group and my husband is in an all guys group. Our commitment levels are different because of kids and my husband has band rehearsal some conflicting nights. But we still have a unit to go to for prayer and fellowship…. if nothing else to ask questions about being a mom or a guy.

I am thankful for my small group friends I have made along the way. I thank God for their friendships and for bringing our lives together.

How can you not love these faces?

Day 16- Free Food

Sometimes, well most of the time, you get what you pay for. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

But, not a FREE BURRITO from Moe’s. Heck yes. They ran a coupon special on facebook. My husband and I both printed one. Yesterday we even splurged for a cup of queso and 2 drinks. The grand total of $4 for lunch. Not just any lunch. $4 on the dollar menu is not equivalent to a Joey and a Triple Lindy. When you know what you are getting, FREE is amazing.

Kinda like eating at your parents. It’s free food and mom doesn’t usually mess it up. (unless she makes cheeseburgers and flips the burgers with the cheese on them….. still tasted pretty normal).

I am thankful for free food that tastes good, parents that feed you because they think you will be homeless and go without if they dont, and for companies getting on facebook and giving out free food.

Day 15- Toilet Paper

There is no greater invention since toilet paper. Try going without it, especially if you are female. I highly value my iphone, but if I was stranded and in dire need of toilet paper, I would give it to you. It’s that serious.

My grandma told me stories about having to use an outhouse as a child. They would use the pages of the Sears-Robuck catalog or the shucks off corn as toilet paper. Now if I was at home with no TP, I may use my Ikea catalog, but that’s why I keep TP on hand at all times.

I went to Mexico on a mission trip during college. They do not have toilet paper in public restrooms. You can buy it by the square or something crazy. Now, I do not know how to use a square of toilet paper…. Not sure I want to try. That would be a lucrative business in the US if they made you pay by the square here. “Hey, what do you do?” “I sell toilet paper at the 7Eleven.” “Dude, no wonder you are loaded.”

My stepmom was making her grocery list for the week. She asked my youngest brother if he wanted anything. Of course Oreos and cereal are always high on his list. Then he asked her, “Will you get good toilet paper…. not that gas station toilet paper.” In all seriousness he asked this. He’s a funny guy, but he was not kidding. We all know the difference between gas station toilet paper and Charmin. It’s that important.

I think it’s rude to put gas station toilet paper in guest bathrooms too. You invite people over and make them use that stuff. Then they come back and sit at your table. Not high on the awesome hostess list after that one……

For the sake of everyone, even 14 year old boys that you dont think pay attention and the people coming to eat at your house for thanksgiving…. buy decent toilet paper. Cut a coupon and stock up!

Today, and every day….. I am thankful toilet paper…. and not just any toilet paper (but, you use what you have if you cannot control the situation)….. Charmin, Cottenelle, Quilted Northern…. ahhhh!

Day 14- Projects

I tend to think of myself as slightly on the artsy side. I like art related projects. I will be the first to admit, I am not stellar at everything of the arts. Maybe more of a jack of all trades, master of none. But I still love to dabble in hobbies, crafts and projects. My latest venture is photography. I have always loved it. My husband bought be a SLR camera for my birthday a couple years ago. I had full intentions of getting out and mastering this thing called photography. Then life happens. You get busy and don’t make time for things that interest you…. oh wait, then you have a kid. As of late, I have decided to take the minute gift of photography I have to bless others. I have friends that are photographers by trade. I do not want their job. For one, I don’t need a career. Jameson keeps my time full enough. Two, I do not want the pressure of perfection. I want to enjoy what I am dabbling with and bless others in the process.

I am thankful God has allowed our routine to be somewhat normal and predictable in order for me to make time to do things I appreciate.

Here’s a look at one of my favorites from the time I spent on Saturday with my brother, sister-in-law, and Barney (my dogphew)

Day 13- Seasons

Saturday, we were able to enjoy some time outside. I love fall for many, many reasons. The colors are intense. My little sweet guy was born in the fall. My husband and I were married in the fall. And thanksgiving……. oh I love some good food 🙂

Seasons amaze me. God’s design is so perfect. Man would have never thought of seasons. No way. We are too all or nothing type creatures. I love that although everything is dieing off, God brings to life their greatest colors. It’s as if they get one last hoorah before they die. Then there is winter. Everything gets to rest. Well, except for humans. Seems we are busiest in winter with the holiday season. Nature though, gets to rest. Then, spring brings forth new life. The drab browns and grays of winter become bright greens and pinks. Finally we get to that bright hot summer where everything reaches it’s full growth potentail. Then we are back at fall. When you step back and think about the design of seasons, how can you not be in awe? It’s amazing how nature can reflect humans.

If humans designed seasons, whoever was in charge of picking the season would spoil it. What if he picked summer. We would all be lobsters or bacon with 365 days of summer. Too much of a good thing is never good at all. I think about human nature. If anyone is stagnant in their relationships, worklife, or personal growth, he will always stay the same. Humans were created to grow, change, and transform constantly. We go through seasons in our lives. Some face long hard winters of struggles. Some have summers so hot they cannot handle when winter comes around.

Today, I am thankful for seasons and changes in nature and human life because I never want to stay in the same place too long.

Day 12– TGIFA?

I guess I cant say TGIF Again this week… although, that is how important Fridays and weekends are to my sanity.

I’m going back and writing a few of these days because I got swamped with family stuff over the weekend. Family is priority over writing. I did make notes for the other days. I did not make time to make a note of anything Friday.

I suppose I’m thankful for my little family of 3 and this random rabbit we have been fostering in our yard for a few months. I”m thankful I have this little boy to challenge me daily. I’m thankful for a sweet husband that provides for us. I like tending to my guys. This is exactly where I need to be and what life is about….. nurturing and caring and cleaning for my guys. I dont know how I enjoyed life before all of this. I’m thankful that life gets better every day.

Today and every day, I’m thankful that I actually make time for my family and NEVER would make the decision to put anything of this world above them.

Day 11- Takin’ names

Thank you veterans (and active military) for selflessly serving our country. Happy Veterans Day!
The greatest sacrifice someone can make for another is his life. God gave His Son to die for the promise of eternal life. Our military give their lives for the promise of this life.

I am thankful to be an American. I am thankful for a military that protects our people at all costs. War is a terrible element of this life, but it is necessary. War is as old as sin. World peace will not happen until eternity. I am thankful for the men and women that serve to keep our country and the world safe from evil. We owe all of our freedoms to these men and women that protect it.

It always bothers me when people are “anti-war.” I want to ask them if they are also “anti-freedom” because that’s exactly what they are asking for. If we do not defend ourselves, someone, some country will defeat us. I believe we are called to protect each other. That means defend our people through war. That means defending women and children being abused in foreign countries. That means stopping terrorism.

Today, and everyday I enjoy these freedoms, I’m thankful for our military kickin’ booty and takin’ names.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” ~Elmer Davis


Day 10- Poop

Do you struggle with vanity? Do you ache for people to think you are attractive? Do you try to keep up with the cover of magazines on the rack? Do you desperately want everyone’s approval? Do you care about appearances? Do you judge others by their appearance, behavior, circumstances?…. I have the answer… well, an answer…. HAVE A KID.

I’m serious. But only have a kid if you are married….let me not lead anyone astray on that one. Being a woman is tough. The competition our culture breeds between women and the approval women seek from men will sabotage anyone. Having a kid will change all of that.

My mom’s small group is studying Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas. I have mentioned him before, but I honestly do love this author. This weeks chapter is titled “The Glory Behind the Grime.” It begins with a quote from Rachel Husk, “With the baby’s birth, a lifetime of vanity vanished into thin air.” HOW TRUE.  As much as magazines or television may appeal to younger women having babies and how glamorous it could be, having a kid is less than glamorous. Kids are nasty and stinky and unpredictable. They poop when you don’t want them to, they puke at less than desirable times, they scream in public. One awesome biblical relation the author makes in the book is that Jesus came as a child. He pooped in his “cloth” diaper, he drooled all over Mary as she held him, he probably did his share of puking too. God. He came in the form of a baby. Talk about humbling.

There is no possible way to be a mom and be “glamorous” unless you have a nanny, a maid, a personal trainer, and a stylist for your entire family. Not happening. Life isn’t about that. It’s about the relationships. It’s about the lessons. It’s about glorifying God.

One great quote from the book, ” Parenting in particular, wakes us up from our self indulgence and invites us to get involved in something bigger than adventure and even greater than glamour– the shaping of a human life and the destiny of an eternal soul.”

Being a mom has taught me a lot. It’s only been a year. Probably one of the biggest lessons is this…. that little pooper has made me humble. I’m so blessed that we have him. I know that life is now unpredictable. I dont wear jewelry because it will get snatched off. I usually dont have time to fix my hair. I hardly ever wear heels if the kid is around. I’m probably going to have some “gift” on my shirt-whether it be drool, snot or half chewed goldfish. It really doesnt matter. My mission each day is to teach and nurture my child (and do some things around the house). My mission is not to impress anyone else around me.

I am thankful for poopy diapers, drool, spit up, and all the grime that comes with that little blessing. I am thankful he teaches me new lessons every day.

Day 9- Coupons!

When I was younger and had no obvious concept of money, I thought coupons were a waste of time. My grandma had a wallet full of coupons.  If I went to the store with her, I remember waiting for her to sort through all of those coupons to give the cashier. As a kid, the time felt like foreverrrrrrrrrr. I never actually saw her clip coupons. It was as if they magically appeared in her wallet. Or that she had this endless supply that never dwindled. She passed away ten years ago. I think she would go crazy with the access to coupons now.

I always told myself I would NEVER take the time to clip coupons… Was it really worth it? Did I want to make all those people wait behind me in the checkout line while I dug through my coupons? I thought people that used coupons were just cheap.

Call me cheap…. I am starting to like this coupon thing. Now that I dont actually get paid to work, I started rationalizing a reason to coupon. I can “make” money by saving us money. There is definitely an art to couponing. I have been trying to perfect my art through a couple different sites. I really like Southern Savers. The lady that blogs here is very thorough. She puts a lot of time into making this resource available. I’m so glad she does. She has saved us a bunch of mula.

I also, now in my mature state, see the positives of couponing. If these resources are available, why not use them? It seems foolish not to. If you saved just $5 a week for 52 weeks a year on stuff you would typically buy, thats $260.  I can guarantee you will save more than that if you put in a little effort. It also allows you to splurge more on some things without feeling guilty.

I am thankful for coupons. Yes, I said it. I love coupons.