Toddler Bathroom

When we moved into our lovely abode while I was pregnant, we did not make any big changes to most of the bathrooms. Check out this before pic…. (this is from home inspection day—not our decorating choices)

We used some shower coordinates we had for the upstairs bathroom and painted the terribly hideous mirror. We never managed to take a picture of the bathroom, post move-in-pre-toddler, sorry 😦

Now, as our wee one is approaching toddlerhood, we decided to give him a toddler bathroom of his very own. We found this awesome shower curtain and coordinates at Kohl’s.

I painted the room “yellow green.” No really, that’s the color on the little swatch. It should be renamed “slime.” But it’s the color on the chart between plantain and palm…. so they call it yellow green… not very creative for such a crazy color. Anyway, I painted the room. Kilz first, then 2 coats, pretty much by myself in one day. The next day, I cleaned the tube, sink, and floors. Then the fun part…. decorating!

Here’s the outcome. Shower curtain, rug, toothbrush holder, and hand towel all from Kohls. Bath towel from Target. Soap dispenser from Walmart.

We are all very pleased with our Monster Themed bathroom. Jameson likes the monsters. Plus, there are mom friendly messages 🙂


DIY Crib Rail Cover

Within hours of finding out I was pregnant, I think I started planning the nursery. Like anything else I have 9 months to decide upon, I changed my mind 100 times. The first decision I made and stuck with was the furniture. We thought the best option was to invest in the convertible crib. After all, you can use it longer. And who doesn’t want to get the most for their money. We also didn’t want to buy furniture that cost more than our bedroom furniture. I guarantee we love this kid, but I think some things are borderline ridiculous. Little did I know, a woodchuck would soon take over my perfectly simple little forest of a nursery. How much wood can a baby woodchuck chuck?

The first time I saw the damage, I could have cried.  Instead I laughed at all the little brown specs of finish on the woodchucks face. Then I built a bridge…. or crib rail cover.

We researched rail covers. Everything was a little pricey for something he would just keep biting. Or I thought it was too cheap looking. Or there were toy attachments and we don’t want him to think crib time is play time. So… I made one.

Fleece DIY Crib Rail Cover:

Materials: 1/yd fabric, scissors and 30 minutes

I went to JoAnn’s Fabric on the hunt for fleece. I chose a basic green color that would match the bedding. If you consider a pattern, dont use anything too busy. You may not be able to see much of the pattern in the final product. I bought 1/yd for $5.99. Beats the heck out of $15-30 store bought covers.

Step 1: Fold the fabric in half, lengthwise. Depending on the length of your crib, you may need to trim excess off the ends. Don’t cut it too short or just right, may come out a little short in the final product.


Step 2: Make sure your fabric is draped evenly on both sides. Starting on one side. Cut slits alongside each of the crib rail slats (right and left). Don’t cut any higher than the bottom of the top horizontal rail. Do this for both sides of the fabric. You will have a strip that covers a slat and a strip that covers the space between.

Step 3. Tie the strip you just cut on the front to the strip on the back. I just double knotted them. Don’t worry about the strips covering the slats, we will handle that soon.

Step 4: Continue cutting slits and tying strips along the rail.

Step 5: Once you have all the knots tied. Cut the excess strips off.

Step 6: I recommend trimming the ends of the knots. Don’t clip them off, just tidy them up and even them out.

Step 7: Look….. you just made a crib cover that’s cute, comfy and cost $6!

When I laid the woodchuck down, his room was dark. I have a feeling he’s going to be disappointed he can’t finish his carving project.